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Need terrain textures and Tile definitions


We are currently in need of textures and Tile definitions for the following:
  1. Undefined (some texture implying that the map has an unrecognized tile)
  2. Water
  3. Grass
  4. Dirt
  5. Hillside (the unwalkable area that closes off "raised" land)
  6. Ramp (the walkable area connecting "raised" and groundlevel land)
  7. Mound (raised land)
  8. Tree
  9. Boulder
    We also need a Tile definition for:
  10. PlayerStart (just grass?)
    The textures themselves should be .png's and they should be added to the Content/Level folder. Overwrite or rename the other images currently there. Once that's done, the loading of textures and building of Tile objects must be done in Campus.cs in the LoadTerrainTextures() function. Examples for how Tiles are constructed can be found there, and the Tile constructor provides an explanation of each parameter.