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Revamp Player


Campus contains a lot of stuff that Player should, so here is my proposal for what needs to be moved into Player. Keep in mind that most of what's proposed here is because the current structure I'm building up for Level (where you say Level.AddPlayer(Player)) would require that Level have some access to a Player, and that Player have access to Campus's ContentManager so that it can load textures itself. Here we go:
  1. The Player constructor should take in some more information, such as a ContentManager (so it can load buildings that it creates), team number, and team type (Sciences or Humanities).
  2. The Player class should contain the libraries it needs for loading all of its own building and/or unit data. Using the ContentManager, we can simply go access a Dictionary specific to Sciences and Humanities which contains the load paths for the necessary textures, then loads those up and passes them onto the necessary objects.
    Obviously some of this should be done using some new menus which let you choose your team type, but otherwise I think this would be a pretty good setup.


ZephidsEmbrace wrote Mar 14, 2010 at 9:34 PM

Setting to fixed as the revamp itself is complete, although it's not yet all fleshed out.

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